Integrating the very best in market intelligence, technology and risk management, we provide access to a whole host of investment products, from emerging capital markets to developed financial centres.

Investment Management

Bespoke investment management for private clients, pension funds, trusts, charities and corporate investors.

We appreciate every client is unique. That’s why we are bespoke in everything we do.  However, we do understand investors share common objectives: the best possible outcome for growth or higher income, protecting the real value of your wealth for the future and minimising the tax.

To deliver on your precise objectives, we’ll manage your investment in individual portfolios on a discretionary management basis. Your LONTRAD CAPITAL investment director will take time to understand your objectives and develop a strategy around a core portfolio to meet your particular needs. Day to day decisions, management and administration is taken care of by us.

All our portfolios are tailored to your precise requirements and are built around five core strategies:

Ultra Cautious

Only the lowest risk products such as AAA-rated Bonds/Bond Funds (Fixed Interest) and Gilts (Government Stock) aimed at income generation would be recommended. Any returns you make are likely to be small in order to minimise risk.  0% of the portfolio would be exposed to high risk products.


Your aim may be to achieve a reasonable return, but to protect most of your capital from fluctuations in the markets.  We would recommend that lower risk, income generating products such as Fixed Interest investments (where suitable) form a large part of your investment portfolio. Other low risk products such as Government Securities (Gilts) and AAA-rated bonds may also be recommend.  Around 20% of the portfolio may be invested in higher risk investments, such as Equities.


Here, you would like to achieve greater returns through capital investment, but in such a way that only partially exposes some of the portfolio to higher risk investments. Your LONTRAD CAPITAL investment director would recommend that the portfolio be made up of shareholdings from across the risk spectrum, which incorporate a mix of quality companies (blue chip equities) paying higher dividends, as well as those which they consider may offer potential for capital growth. Up to 50% of the portfolio may be invested in higher risk equities.

Risk Aware

This strategy may suit you if you are willing to sacrifice short term financial security with the objective of long term capital growth through higher risk investments. You fully understand that in order to achieve your objective of significant long term returns you are willing to risk making substantial losses. Up to 80% of the portfolio may be invested in higher risk equities.


Where you are an experienced investor and prepared to take on very high levels of investment risk that offer the potential to achieve exceptional capital growth returns, this strategy can be tailored for you.  The opportunity to achieve these exceptional returns is the key objective, even in non-optimal market conditions and other circumstances where it might pose significant risk to some or all of the underlying capital. Up to 100% of the portfolio may be invested in higher risk equities.

Stockbroking and Trading

Through one relationship with LONTRAD CAPITAL, you can trade a suite of financial instruments or allow a senior trader to manage a strategy for you on a discretionary basis, where we take care of day to day decisions, management and administration.

With an account with LONTRAD CAPITAL, you can trade a whole host of financial instruments including:

  • Worldwide Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Futures & Options
  • Foreign Exchange – FX
  • Commodities
  • Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange Traded Commodities – ETFs & ETCs

We offer execution only, advisory and discretionary services to our clients to suit individual circumstances and requirements.

For your further assurance, your cash and investments are held with regulated, third party custodians.

Other services include:

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa
  • Currency Services