In a world where there is often an overload of information, at LONTRAD CAPITAL we have the experience and expertise to mute the chatter and identify the opportunity.

Research is a critical component of any successful investment strategy. Our Investment Committee can provide you with insightful commentary, detailed analysis and compelling investment ideas across a wide range of markets, sectors, asset classes and instruments to facilitate your decision making.

Up to the minute market intelligence is, of course, key to stock market success. In a 24-hour global economy with ever faster communications and data exchange, our investment in technology complements an impressive network of many of the world’s leading analysts, commentators and movers.

Our research comes in many forms, from daily briefings and weekly forecasts to full professional-grade papers, containing in depth analysis of stocks, sectors or macro-economics. Our clients are safe in the knowledge that our research and recommendations are robust, independent and in tune with the fluctuations of the financial markets.

In modern trading markets, where information flashes around the globe instantaneously, reaction times are vital to successful trading. We continuously invest in technology so we have instant access to and analysis of that data.

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